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Doctors helping doctors through continuing education since 2001!

About the Minoru Medical Education Society

The Minoru Medical Education Society was incorporated under the Society’s Act of British Columbia on February 28, 2001. The sole function of the MMES and indeed its Mission is “doctors helping doctors through continuing medical education”.

This independent, physician-run society of 363 present day-members produced between 45 and 60 CME’s yearly. Attendance at the CME’s ranged from 15 to as many as 90 participants. Venues varied from local restaurants, fishing lodges and intermediate care facilities to the Wosk Centre for Excellence and the Council Chamber at the Richmond City Hall. Refreshments and meals accompanied most CME’s.

CME’s were run on a strict time schedule and always finished before 9:00 pm. CME topics varied from the bread and butter cardiology, asthma, COPD fare to How to Prevent or Survive an MSP Billing Audit. Then along came COVID-19 and the physical camaraderie changed to ZOOM with a rapidly accelerating number of virtual programs and a variety of topics. Besides the obvious CME events, the MMES became a community partner in fund-raising and raised over $120,000.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Becoming a Member

Membership in the MMES is restricted to physicians and is dependent upon paying a $50.00 per year membership fee as required by the Societies Act of BC. The advantages of membership in the MMES include email notification of meetings, inclusion in exclusive MMES events not published and the right to vote at the AGM held every February.

The MMES also welcomes our retired medical alumni to join and continue to enrich the meetings with their experience, knowledge, and good humour. Paid membership however, is NOT a requirement to attend most of the CME/Webinars produced or administered by the MMES.

Any physician wishing to become a voting member of the MMES can mail his/her cheque made out to the MMES to Dr. Michael Myckatyn, 101-7340 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC, V6X1A1 or preferably pay by secure e-transfer to Minoru Medical Education Society at [email protected]. Receipts will be issued.